The Four Blokes Trio
Finn Collinson
Crayon Angels
Stan Harvey
Jane Tomsett
Yas Yas Yas
When Rivers
Suzy Cramer
Richard Brazear
Peter Kerr &
Gwendal Moёle & Paul Riley
The Hardy Perennials
Mike Chapman
Inside Out
Terry Hiscock
The Jane Tomsett Band
Positively Dylan
Tea Ladies
Daughters of the Preacher Man
A Light Left On
Terry Hiscock & Roger Trevitt
Venus In Paradise
Ben Pegley
Peter Melhuish
Rum Old Boys
False Colours
Nick Connell
Capstan Full Strength
Gordon Hoyles
Felix Stowaways

The Piatto Café has had to close at short notice and, until a new venue can be found, the SlackFolk sessions held on the second Saturday of each month are cancelled. We are actively seeking a new venue and we will update the information on this website and the SlackFolk Facebook page to keep you informed of progress.

The SlackFolk Autumn Acoustic Mini Festival, at Firstsite on Saturday 28th September, is not affected by the closure of the Piatto Café, and will take place as planned.

We are sad to leave the Piatto Café, and are grateful to them for the support they have given us over the past four years, and to our audiences for their continued support since we started in 2010.

SlackFolk presents a platform for acoustic solo artists, bands and poets to showcase their material and offers everybody a chance to escape the chores of Saturday afternoon and to hear some great local acoustic music and poetry. All are welcome and we appreciate your support. Entry is free.

If you’d like to know more or would like to perform, contact:
-, or
- Richard on 07850 773291